All employees, not just information technology professionals, must play a role in mitigating security threats. It is increasingly important to raise security awareness.

We provide corporate training in the following areas:

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity Awareness training for corporates is essential to reduce the risk that their employees are getting tricked by sophisticated phishing or social engineering methods and, therefore, serve as a first entry point to their information and data systems.

Cybersecurity Awareness programs provide an extensive set of security awareness services to train corporate executives and secure their data.

Web Application Security/Secure SDLC Training

Security is an issue from the earliest stages of the project all the way to maintenance and decommissioning.

Web Application Security/Secure SDLC training sets out how to integrate security throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). The course offers a comprehensive action plan for each stage of the project. This ensures robust security as an integral part of software applications for enterprises.

Telecommunication Security Training

We provide hands-on training to deal with telecom security vulnerabilities. Security problems, including the assessments to adapt to the ever-changing security environment, require knowledge and constant evaluation.