Security operation center

Monitoring and detecting any threatening event is critical to any organisation's security in a globally networked world. It requires a structured approach and well- managed service by security experts. ITSEC is pleased to provide such a service to organisations through our Security Operations Centre (SOC).

ITSEC’s state-of-the-art SOC is located in Jakarta, Indonesia and has been fully operational since July 2018.

The SOC provides a facility and resources to monitor, analyse, and defend organisational information systems and digital infrastructure, including but not limited to data centres, networks, servers, applications, and databases, from cyber attacks.

The SOC supports ITSEC’s network of security experts and enables the company to better monitor, detect, and respond to security events for enterprise clients besides providing them with access to our world-class security consultants.

The security experts at our SOC monitor network events to identify possible cyber attacks or intrusion incidents and determine if they are genuine threats. The real threats are swiftly detected, analysed, investigated, mitigated, and reported.

ITSEC’s SOC is based on our proprietary Information Security Process Manager (ISPM) developed in collaboration with security experts and software developers in Indonesia, Poland, and Singapore. The ISPM’s operational processes are automated, which result in increased productivity, improved cost efficiency, and reduced errors.

With the SOC, ITSEC's information security capabilities are comprehensive. The company can provide a full range of information security services, including security monitoring, threat identification, detection, prevention, and response planning.

ITSEC’s SOC can help organisations in protecting their sensitive data and in complying with the regulatory requirements.