Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Combines Technical and Strategic Advice to Ensure All Aspects of a Cyber Attack are Managed Effectively

ITSEC’s DFIR service combines technical and strategic advice to ensure all aspects of a cyber attack are managed effectively. Our approach combines a variety of processes, including identifying an initial attack vector, determining the extent of any compromise, understanding the attacker’s methods and motivations, and developing an action plan to remediate. As well as implementing immediate steps to mitigate an attack, our team of consultants will also provide a report after the event to ensure appropriate steps are taken to mitigate future attacks. ITSEC also hosts tabletop exercises to enable organizations to prepare for potential future attacks.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response for Specific Assets

A Complete Toolkit

ITSEC’s DFIR service offers a portfolio of incident response processes to investigate and respond to cybersecurity incidents that hit organisations.

Security Posture Prepared

ITSEC’s Tabletop Exercise enables organizations to prepare for potential future security incidents and check their response processes are fine-tuned.

Attacks Contained at Source

ITSEC’s DFIR service ensures that cyber attacks are quickly contained at source, minimizing business risk.

Strategic Insight

By understanding how attacks have bypassed a defence, organisations have the insight to address their flaws in their future information security strategy.

Systems Recovered

Our service aims to recover systems after the attack, mitigating the impact of many cyber threats including ransomware and wipers.

Broader Attack Context

We discover and analyze patterns of malicious activities to determine wider attack patterns.


Our Specialities

Proactive Support for Mitigating Information Security Threats

Penetration Testing & Red Teaming

Simulated Cyberattacks to Identify Weaknesses and Improve Your Organization's Resilience

Audit, Risk Assurance & Compliance

ITSEC helps organisations to be highly focused with their future security investments.

Managed Security Services

Providing a Cost-Effective Outsourcing Option Where High Quality Security Solutions Can be Delivered at Pace

Security Solutions Integration

Tailored Security Consulting Solutions to Assess, Strategize, and Optimize Your Organization's Security Posture


Help Companies Improve Their Cybersecurity Architecture by Providing Expert Advice on Their Critical Security Issues

Threat Hunting & Compromise Assessment

Proactive Threat Monitoring and Intelligence Gathering to Stay Ahead of Emerging Cyber Threats

Information Security Analysis

Offerings and Provides a Comprehensive Analysis of an Organisations' Cyber Security Posture

OT/IoT Security

Cyber Resilience for Operational Technology (OT) Environment

Application Security

Provides a Variety of Application Security Services That Allow Organisations to Focus on the Positive Opportunities from Applications

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